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Do you need to do research in language and culture??

The David Thomas Library is available to you. Its focus is upon minority languages of Southeast Asia. It has a large collection of volumes in the topics of general linguistics, literacy, anthropology and some national languages. Presently there are approximately 10,000 books, articles and journals in the library. The library is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This website makes available a searchable catalog of selected items contained in the library. You can search on-line for items of interest to you although a more detailed search would probably need to be done at the library. We welcome university students, professors and researchers of South-East Asian linguistics, languages and culture to come use the library. We also have a few links to some other linguistic websites.

Online Publications

A small collection of online publications in pdf format is provided by the library. Our librarian is currently scanning more items and we hope to provide more of those files here periodically.

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